Redstone Missiles on Display:

LocationVersionNumberSerial Known?
National Air and Space Museum Annex (Udvar Hazy)PGM-111 
Warren, NHPGM-111 
US Space and Rocket Center, HuntsvillePGM-111No, per curator
US Space and Rocket Center, HuntsvilleJupiter-C1No, per curator
US Space and Rocket Center, HuntsvilleMRLV1No, per curator
Battleship Memorial Park, ALPGM-111No, per curator
US Army Field Artillery Museum, OKPGM-111 
USAF Space and Missile Museum, FLPGM-111No, see link
KSC Visitor Center Rocket Garden, FLJupiter-C1 
KSC Visitor Center Rocket Garden, FLMRLV1 
KSC Badging Office, FLMRLV1 
Astronaut Hall of Fame, FLMRLV1MRLV-6
Air ZooMRLV1CC-2007/CC-2031
Kansas CosmosphereMRLV1 
Kansas CosmospherePGM-111CC-2013/CC-2025
Kansas CosmospherePGM-111CC-2035
National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, NMPGM-111No, per curator
Museum of Life + Science, NCMRLV1No, per curator
White Sands Missile Range MuseumPGM-111 
Evergreen Aviation MuseumPGM-111 
Parque de las Ciencias Luis A. Ferré, PRMRLV1 
Space Center Houston, TXMRLV1 
Marshall SFC, ALPGM-112 
Marshall SFC, ALJupiter-C1
Petal, MS (not publicly visible), formerly Stennis SFCJupiter-C1

Redstone Missile Serial Numbers:

RS-11Redstone20 Aug 1953FCCLC-4  Date on EA
RS-22Redstone27 Jan 1954SCCLC-4  Date on EA
RS-33Redstone5 May 1954FCCLC-4  Date on EA
RS-44Redstone18 Aug 1954FCCLC-4  Date on EA
RS-66Redstone17 Nov 1954FCCLC-4  Date on EA
RS-77Redstone31 Aug 1955FCCLC-6  Date on EA
RS-88Redstone9 Feb 1955FCCLC-4  Date on EA
RS-99Redstone20 Apr 1955FCCLC-6  Date on EA
RS-1010Redstone25 May 1955FCCLC-6  Date on EA
RS-1111Jupiter-A22 Sept 1955FCCLC-6 First flight with complete guidance systemSerial on EA
RS-1212Jupiter-A6 Dec 1955SCCLC-6 First successful flight with inertial guidanceSerial on EA
CC-1313Jupiter-A19 Jul 1956FCCLC-5 First Chrysler MissileSerial on EA
CC-1414Jupiter-A18 Oct 1956SCCLC-6  Serial on EA
CC-1515Jupiter-A29 Nov 1956SCCLC-6  Date on EA
CC-1616Jupiter-A19 Jan 1957FCCLC-6  Date on EA
CC-1717Jupiter-A     Training Missile 217th Battalion. 
RS-1818Jupiter-A15 Mar 1956FCCLC-6  Serial on EA
RS-1919Jupiter-A16 May 1956FCCLC-6  Serial on EA
RS-2020Jupiter-A8 Aug 1956SCCLC-6  Serial on EA
RS-2222Jupiter-A19 Dec 1956FCCLC-6 Hydyne fuelDate on EA
RS-2424Juno-126 Mar 1958SCCLC-5(UT) Explorer 3 Date on EA
RS-2525Jupiter-A31 Oct 1956FCCLC-6  Serial on EA
RS-2626Juno-15 Mar 1958FCCLC-26A(UV) Explorer 2 Date on EA
RS-2727Jupiter-C20 Sept 1956FCCLC-5(UI) NoseConeTest 1First Jupiter-CDate on EA
RS-2828Jupiter-A14 Nov 1956FCCLC-6 Used LEV-3 rather than ST-80 guidanceSerial on EA
RS-2929Juno-11 Feb 1958SCCLC-26A(UE) Explorer 1 Date on EA
CC-3030Jupiter-A28 Mar 1957SCCLC-6  Date at EA
CC-3131Jupiter-A26 Jun 1957FCCLC-6  Date on EA
CC-3232Jupiter-A14 Mar 1957FCCLC-6 First missile shipped directly from Chrysler to test siteDate on EA
CC-3333Jupiter-A     Training Missile 217th Battalion.Redstone Booster Recovery report used an "RS-33" training missile
RS-3434Jupiter-C15 May 1957FCCLC-6(NT) NoseConeTest 2Nose cone not recoveredDate on EA
CC-3535Jupiter-A12 Jul 1957 CCLC-6  Date on EA
CC-3636Jupiter-A     Training missile 217th Battalion. 
CC-3737Jupiter-A26 Jul 1957SCCLC-6  Date on EA
CC-3838Jupiter-A11 Sept 1957FCCLC-6  Date on EA
CC-3939Jupiter-A2 Oct 1957SCCLC-6  Date on EA
RS-4040Jupiter-C8 Aug 1957SCCLC-6(TX) NoseConeTest 3Nose cone recovered and shown with Ike on TVDate on EA
CC-4141Jupiter-A31 Oct 1957FCCLC-6 First post-Sputnik launchDate on EA
CC-4242Jupiter-A11 Dec 1957SCCLC-6 Tested Hardtack adaption kitDate on EA
CC-4343Redstone27 Feb 1958SCCLC-6  Date on EA
RS-4444Juno-126 Jul 1958SCCLC-5(TT) Explorer 4 Date on EA
CC-4545Jupiter-A15 Jan 1958SCCLC-6 Hardtack pod testDate on EA
CC-4646Redstone12 Feb 1958SCCLC-6 Hardtack adaption kit testDate on EA
RS-4747Juno-124 Aug 1958FCCLC-5Explorer 5 Used (HN) code instead of (TI)"Second stage ignited in wrong direction"Date on EA
CC-4848Redstone25 Jun 1958FCCLC-6  Date on EA
RS-4949Juno-123 Oct 1958FCCLC-5Beacon1 Used (HE) code instead of (TE) Date on EA
CC-5050Redstone1 Aug 1958FJILC-1Hardtack1 Teak (W39 Nuke) / 4 CapsulesFirst rocket launched test of nuclear weapon. Supported Nike-Zeus ABMDate on EA
CC-5151Redstone12 Aug 1958FJILC-2Hardtack1 Orange (W39 Nuke) / 4 Capsules Date on EA
CC-5252Jupiter-C     Scrapped or used in structural testsHistory of the Redstone Missile System
CC-5353Redstone    Hardtack backup missile  
CC-5454Jupiter-A12 Jun 1958SCCLC-6  Date on EA
CC-5555Jupiter-C     Scrapped or used in structural tests 
CC-5656Redstone17 Sept 1958FCCLC-6 "Programmed maneuver at re-entry and impact in deep water. Accurate survey not possible"History of the Redstone Missile System
CC-5757Redstone6 Nov 1958SCCLC-6  Date on EA
MRLV-158Redstone-MRLV21 Nov 1961FCCLC-5Mercury MR1Succesful, accidental abort testDate on EA
MRLV-259Redstone-MRLV31 Jan 1961SCCLC-5Mercury MR2Ham's FlightDate on EA
MRLV-360Redstone-MRLV19 Dec 1960SCCLC-5Mercury MR1A Date on EA
MRLV-461Redstone-MRLV     ScrappedHistory of the Redstone Missile System
MRLV-562Redstone-MRLV24 Mar 1961SCCLC-5Mercury MRBDDone against Shepard's wishes but for von BraunDate on EA
MRLV-663Redstone-MRLV     @Astronaut Hall of FameGuard Lee via "Attraction Tickets Direct" Interview
MRLV-764Redstone-MRLV5 May 1961SCCLC-5Mercury MR3ShepardDate on EA
MRLV-865Redstone-MRLV21 Jul 1961SCCLC-5Mercury MR4GrissomDate on EA
CC-100166Redstone     Either retained as trainer or destroyed in blast testHistory of the Redstone Missile System
RS-100267Redstone17 May 1958SCCLC-5 Fired by 217th Battalion.Date on EA
CC-100368Redstone     Either retained as trainer or destroyed in blast testHistory of the Redstone Missile System
CC-100469Redstone3 Jun 1958SWSLC36 Fired by 217th Battalion.Date on EA
CC-100570Redstone6 Jul 1961SFWLC-1  Date on EA
CC-100671Redstone1 Sept 1961SFWLC-1  Date on EA
CC-100772Redstone1 Aug 1962S/FFWLC-1  Date on EA
CC-100873Redstone15 Dec 1961SFWLC-1  Date on EA
CC-100974Redstone1 Aug 1961FFWLC-1  Date on EA
CC-101075Redstone19 Jan 1959FWSALA-3 Also first static fired rocket at WS? Fired by 46th Field Artillery Missile GroupDate on EA
CC-101176Redstone16 Feb 1959FWSALA-3 Fired by 46th Field Artillery Missile GroupDate on EA
CC-101277Redstone1 Oct 1961SFWLC-1  Date on EA
CC-101378Redstone12 May 1959FWSALA-3  Date on EA
CC-101479Redstone1 Jun 1962SFWLC-1  Date on EA
CC-101580Redstone1 Aug 1962S/FFWLC-1  Date on EA
CC-101681Redstone10 Mar 1959SWSALA-3  Date on EA
CC-101782Redstone1 Jul 1962SFWLC-1  Date on EA
CC-101883Redstone18 Sept 1959SWSALA-3TVRC (T-1 TV Reconnaissance Capsule) Date on EA
CC-101984Redstone6 Jul 1960SFWLC-1  Date on EA
CC-200387Redstone22 Jul 1959FCCLC-26A  Date on EA
CC-200488Redstone5 Aug 1959FCCLC-26A  Date on EA
CC-200589Redstone5 Oct 1963SFWLC-1  Date on EA
CC-200791Redstone     Center & Aft Unit @Air ZooHeroicRelics
CC-200892Redstone19 Aug 1964SFWLC-1  Date on EA
CC-200993Redstone Sparta24 Jul 1967SWOLA-8SV5 Sparta 5 Date on EA
CC-201195Redstone26 Jan 1960SWSALA-3TVRC (T-1 TV Reconnaissance Capsule) Date on EA
CC-201296Redstone Sparta15 Sept 1967 SWOLA-8SV7 Sparta 7 Date on EA
CC-201397Redstone     Center Unit @KCSCHeroicRelics
CC-201498Redstone15 Mar 1960SWSALA-3TVRC (T-1 TV Reconnaissance Capsule)Fired by 46th FAMG Battery ADate on EA
CC-201599Redstone10 Sept 1963FFWLC-1  Date on EA
CC-2020104Redstone22 Mar 1960FCCLC-6  Date on EA
CC-2021105Redstone15 Apr 1960SWSALA-3TVRC (T-1 TV Reconnaissance Capsule) Date on EA
CC-2022106Redstone6 Oct 1960FWSALA-3TVRC (T-1 TV Reconnaissance Capsule)Fired by 46th FAMG Battery B 
CC-2023107Redstone10 Aug 1960FCCLC-6  Date on EA
CC-2025109Redstone     Aft Unit @KCSCHeroicRelics
CC-2029113Redstone Sparta29 Nov 1967SWOLA-8SV10 Wresat Date on EA
CC-2030114Redstone Sparta11 Oct 1967SWOLA-8SV8 Sparta 8 Date on EA
CC-2031115Redstone     Aft Unit @Air ZooHeroicRelics
CC-2032116Redstone Sparta4 Jul 1967SWOLA-8SV4 Sparta 4 Date on EA
CC-2033117Redstone5 Aug 1963SFW   Date on EA
CC-2034118Redstone Sparta13 Dec 1966SWOLA-8SV2 Sparta 2 Date on EA
CC-2035119Redstone     Aft Unit @ KCSCWiring Harness in CC-2025 display
CC-2037121Redstone5 Oct 1960 CCLC-6  My Army Redstone Days
CC-2038122Redstone22 Jan 1961 CCLC-6  Date on EA
CC-2039123Redstone Sparta17 Aug 1967SWOLA-8SV6 Sparta 6 Date on EA
CC-2040124Redstone8 Mar 1961 CCLC-6  My Army Redstone Days
CC-2041125Redstone Sparta31 Oct 1967SWOLA-8SV9 Sparta 9 Date on EA
CC-2042126Redstone18 May 1961SCCLC-6  Date on EA
CC-2043127Redstone27 Jun 1961FCCLC-6  Date on EA
CC-2044128Redstone23 Sept 1963SFWLC-1  Date on EA
20???Redstone29 Nov 1965SSNLC-1DAT371 Target (Defender)Intercepted by TerrierDate on EA
20???Redstone13 Dec 1965?SNLC-1DAT371 Target (Defender)?Two launches reported Nov 30-Dec 13 but details of second unknownDate on EA
20???Redstone Sparta28 Nov 1966FWOLA-8SV1 Sparta 1 Date on EA
20???Redstone Sparta20 Apr 1967SWOLA-8SV3 Sparta 3 Date on EA

Type Total BuiltBuilt By Disposition 
Development 432023376
 Hardtack2 22 
Block I 19 19 2
Block II 44 441826
Project Defender -5 -5-2-3
Project SPARTA -10 -10-10 
Total Built 128271017239

Launch Site Key:
CC - Cape Canaveral Air Station, Florida
FW - Fort Wingate, New Mexico
JI - Johnston Island, Pacific Ocean
SN - San Nicolas Island, Pacific Missile Range, California
WO - Woomera Instrumented Range, Woomera, South Australia
WS - White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico
Confirmation Source Key:
EA - Encyclopedia Astronautica