Where are the ones who have gone before us?

Jet #4 — F-WJAB, Serial Number 6

Registered to Beech Aircraft Corp as N84J, this Paris was probably a company demonstrator purchased in support of Olive's partnership with Morane-Saulnier. Perhaps her sale to the Appliance Buyer's Credit Corp of St. Joseph, Missouri in 1963 marked the end of that plan. Were N84J a person, she would have been shy. Finding actual photos has proven next to impossible.

If shy, she was a survivor, however. In 1965, her landing gear collapsed at a landing in Amarillo, Texas while registered as N760J. Sold in 1966, 1969, 1977, and 1978, she had a total of 6 owners.

It's fitting that the story of the Beechcraft Paris's ends, by serial number, with her, as she crashed at an airfield in Texas that itself has been forgotten. Bulldozed and landscaped to support homes now, as much of a ghost as N760J was in service and as her remains became in scrapping—installed in appliances or used to support structures which we could today interact with, having no way of knowing the connection to Olive Beech and the lives wrapped up in the sage of Beechcraft's Paris jets.