Team Givan writes lesson plans and design field trips for museums and science centers--they're husband-wife team with experience writing lesson plans for free programs, live demonstrations, and full-length field trips.

Chris and Theresa's lesson plans and field trips are guided by the ideas of being repeatable, durable, and verifiable.

For them, repeatable lesson plans or field trips are easily run with minimal new costs each time—because they know that every museum or science center's success is hard-won. Durable lesson plans and field trips survive after Chris and Theresa have prepared the initial work—they know that as science centers or museums age, it's all too easy for lesson plans or field trips to be forgotten, or worse, become stagnant. Lesson plans and field trips that are verifiable allow museums or science centers, schools, and Chris and Theresa to determine if they're meeting their goals—whether those mechanisms are new web tech, paper surveys, or simple observation.

Chris and Theresa have a diverse set of skills, interests, and experiences. She is skilled with field trips and lesson plans for pre-school through elementary students, as well as working with seniors. He is best with field trips and lesson plans for middle-school through college ages. She's the realist when it comes to creating field trips and he's the idealist.  Theresa studied history, Chris studied philosophy, but both have significant experience working in science-related fields and at museums and science centers.

Team Givan is located in Hutchinson, Kansas, but loves to travel!

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