Event Planning by Theresa


In collaboration with a volunteer from the Mid-America Air Museum’s supporting foundation, Theresa planned and executed a reception for 50 guests for an important friend of the museum. For this artist’s reception, Theresa designed the table decorations up to planning the menu and making food. Theresa supervised the creation of invitations and their mailing, participated in the setup for the event, and greeted visitors. The event was organized with just one week’s lead time to accommodate the artist’s schedule.


Theresa’s reputation for planning events and exceptional organization has led to notice in her personal life, as well. Asked to coordinate a wedding, Theresa was responsible for the equipment and decoration rentals, arranging tours of venues and booking the chosen venue, and also agreed to bake for the reception. The wedding had approximately 100 guests.

Historical Research and Event Planning by Theresa

"Apollo 13 Redux" is a field trip experience that a coworker and Theresa wrote while at the Cosmosphere (official description here, some social media of it here, and a news article about it here).

Given the directive of creating a fast-paced field trip that would foster creative thinking and teamwork in response to an imaginary problem with an Apollo mission, Theresa researched and designed the experience based on actual NASA reports. The deadline was 3 months as she worked around the Cosmosphere's staff-intensive camp season. Theresa was also responsible for adapting this 120-person program to include VIPs from the actual Apollo 13 mission and mission controllers the very first time the program was run. The gallery, right, showcases the work. Photos of the program are from the Hutchinson News (source here).

Artifact Cataloging and Database Entry by Theresa

How to Catalogue Using PastPerfect.png

From bones to big airplanes, Theresa has worked in cataloging and collections at several institutions: the Comparative Osteology Collection at Metropolitan State University, the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, and the Mid-America Air Museum. She’s also observed operations at the History Colorado Center.

At the Mid-America Air Museum, Theresa prepared the training manual and helped execute training for cataloging interns (excerpt pictured), before starting as the Collections Manager and starting comprehensive organizing and collections policies.

Artifact Care and Handling by Theresa

Having worked with bones and pottery at Metropolitan State University, World War II ephemera and planes at the Mid-America Air Museum, and monitoring relics from the space program at the Cosmosphere, Theresa is familiar with all the basics of artifact handling and care.