One of the events Theresa and I knew to watch for even before we had moved was the tulip festival in Albany. An appropriately big deal for an area settled by the Dutch, when we went it was rainy (very typical here), cold, and muddy from everyone who’d gone the day before when it was 60+ degrees. Our umbrella is a little small and we’re a little unpracticed at sharing it, but it was definitely a worthwhile visit! Theresa took all of these while I handled the umbrella:


Now, where are the VR photos? A few months ago, Flickr was acquired by SmugMug, so they placed all these new limits on uploads in an attempt to force users to buy pro accounts: I did not. I’m still adjusting to different photo sharing services and getting back into the habit of taking VR photos. Once both of those things happen I’ll try and resume the panoramas…since I know my audience is just dying to see them!

In the meantime, please accept this picture Theresa took of a flowering tree that sits on my walk to work: these and similar trees are much more common out here than in Kansas. The orange and green in the background is a former Great Northern locomotive that was produced in Schenectady.