For many reasons, this post is long-delayed. Obviously, Theresa and I have left Liberal, Kansas for Schenectady, New York. Formerly the home of GE, and still rich with that company’s history, it is also rich in history on its own right: established in the late 1600s (!) with pre-Revolutionary War structures still around, then a major location on the Erie Canal, the whole town is dripping with history. The flora is much richer owing to the fact it rains almost 1/3 of the year, and the streets meander to avoid hills, “kills” (creeks), and to match long-established routes that predate the town.

Theresa and I are living in a one-bedroom apartment less than five minutes from my job at MiSci. It’s got a nice brick wall for decoration, radiant heating, and no central air owing to the cooler summers. But it does have a balcony we like to sit out on!

After moving, I finally got to assemble the LEGO Saturn V I had been collecting gift cards for. It’s a great build, and, as you’d expect for anything relating to such a large rocket…huge! As we’re a couple of space nerds, it sits on the back of Theresa’s piano next to our little family of plush planets (now up to 4).