I actually typed this up quite a while ago, but then thanks to some careless navigating on my part, killed the page before it could save. So to recap an older experience, Theresa and I visited Schenectady’s Central Park Rose Gardens, exploring around both an Indian-American wedding and some cosplayers. Theresa was taking the pictures again:

As we were leaving, we discovered a trap door which was presumably for irrigation, etc, but bore an uncanny resemblance to the ones in one of our favorite games, Skyrim (in fact, I originally wanted the xBox just to play Skyrim then succeeded in getting Theresa hooked!)


That evening had actually started by us finding a baby robin hanging out in the greenspace in front of our door, which seemed weird because we’d just assumed a) any babies were grown more by now or b) that any babies would have hatched in the springtime. Admittedly, we’d never researched either so these were just assumptions. We kept our distance, so the photo we took is pretty bad, but it was visibly nervous even when we were staying that far away: