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Theresa and I made a weekend out of shopping for her dress for a rehearsal dinner by driving down to Amarillo. It was an interesting trip, starting with the fact that the fastest way to Amarillo from Liberal feels like you drive southwest and than southeast. The drive back up was via a different route which was extremely scenic in parts (it's the route that goes through Pampa on the map to the side).

In Amarillo we visited a coffee shop that was too hip for us (we stuck out), their mall to pick up Theresa's dress, and then drove out to the Palo Duro canyon.

Palo Duro is the second largest canyon in the United States. From Chris' brief trip to the Grand Canyon, the vegetation looked pretty different, and the Palo Duro is clearly wider. There isn't a river comparable to the Colorado running through it, and the sides don't seems as violently formed as the Grand Canyon's do. Spanish Skirts (splaid outcroppings in bright colors) were visible at a couple of points, and the main loop through the park was well worth the drive. We want to return sometime having actually prepared to hike some of the trails!

After our afternoon/evening at the canyon we left Amarillo the next morning, but not before geeking out and visiting the Texas Air and Space Museum. We had a fun tour escorted around by one of their volunteers (necessary as they share hangarspace with an aircraft maintenance shop and are required to by the airport). Besides their aircraft, they had some cool local ephemera, a surprising collection of engines from Titan II launch vehicles and some ambitious plans for the future. We had lunch at a little restaurant at the airport, but sadly, despite it being just next door, Chris didn't get to see any Ospreys or the V-280 Valor in flight.

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