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We finally made it to Garden City, to see the animals! Garden City has a great zoo, with a range of native and exotic animals.

Our first experience was with a rhino which, true to the fence's warnings, tried to hit me with a...spray. Even then, some of our favorites were the otters (there's a picture of Theresa watching them perform up above) because of the species' personality. They clearly would wait until they had an audience and only then start playing. There was a somewhat-rare storm that morning, so the flamingos were spinning in circles filtering for microorganisms to eat in their standing water.


We discovered some new-to-us animals, too, like the takin pictured here. I'm convinced it looks like a pig from Star Wars, however, I think it's raised more like cattle in other parts of the world.

The camera battery was low so the pictures taper off as we walked farther through the zoo. 

Lee Richardson Zoo - Garden City