Suddenly this stripped down Embraer Brasilia showed up next to the Mid-America Air Museum/WWII hangar next door. At first Chris spied it from the road while Theresa was dropping him off, but later investigation involved an up close approach.


There are actually three derelict airframes at the Liberal Municipal Airport. This one was about to be used for some fire training, which could be done so close to the historic hangar because there was nothing left to actually burn. Smoke generators/bombs were used in lieu of actual flames. 

The leftover oxygen masks dangling from the ceiling would have made the jet appropriate for a horror/apocalypse film.

Also happening was some airplane cleaning and moving at the museum. In order to move our target aircraft, we had to move about 6 or 7 others to clear a path. This also cleared the area around 4 aircraft hanging from the ceiling and located near doors. Their location means they're hard to clean but also are exposed to more dust than average because of the doors opening and closing. Theresa helped with this process, and even goofed off with the Thorp T-18.