At work one day, a 1st grader told me that before coming to the Mid-America Air Museum, they got to touch stingrays. I asked "where?" and the response was the Baker Arts Center (an arts center local to Liberal). I just assumed they were conflating separate trips at first, but upon further investigation I discovered Baker was temporarily hosting a butterfly house and stingray tank. I've touched stingrays at other aquariums, but at the butterfly house, you could pay to feed the butterflies sugar water--an idea that fascinated me for some reason. So Theresa and I headed downtown one afternoon and took a swing through their enclosure. The butterflies were all Monarchs, but there were a lot of them on the flowers donated by the local Wal-Mart. As always, the Monarchs were quite regal looking. They were clearly used to people as they hardly stirred as we moved around, so I got some good views of them drinking nectar.

Getting that good nectar

No panorama from that trip, so instead here's a panorama of Theresa, a coworker, and I inside the massive "Production Line Maintenance" hangar next to the museum. In its heyday, it would hold three B-24 Liberators at a time.

WWII-era Liberator Hangar and former Beechcraft Paint Booths