Shortly after moving in, Theresa and I had our first visitor:

Not just gorgeous, this lost cat (we left it alone at first to confirm this, then it reappeared two days later, worse for wear) was extremely lovey-dovey.

At first we took to calling it Perseus/Percy because of some marking-like behaviors and started plumbing the local pet connections to see about an owner.

Day 2 and we took it to a local rescue group with the intentions of leaving it there, but we, naturally had second thoughts about keeping it. Besides walking out with the cat, we came out with the knowledge that it was unchipped and probably a female! Thus, Percy became Astrid.

We spent another day with her and even took her to the vet to check on her before coming to the responsible conclusion that we couldn’t really keep her. A second trip to the rescue resulted in the realization that we needed an appointment.

By this time we had accumulated all the cat food, kitty litter, and secondhand crates you would expect. We made an appointment (for two weeks later) and went back home with our cat. Late on the third day/early on the fourth day, the owner of “Diamond” made contact with us! We were able to successfully reunite them, which was mostly happy for us as we were worried about “supporting” Astrid. It turns out that the owners’ sister was our next door neighbor and she had gone to Florida randomly, putting the cat out.

Astrid was a great joy to have as a guest: she always greeted us at the door, loved to sit or lay with you, and thanks to her Maine Coon heritage, always had something to say. It was a fun long weekend with her!