Theresa and I traveled to Liberal on Feb 28/Mar 1 to hunt for an apartment, participate in a meeting at the Mid-America Air Museum, complete some paperwork, and explore our soon-to-be new home.

Immediately on checking into our hotel, we met a gentleman who chatted with us about Hutchinson's good qualities (he used to live there) and our plans. It turned out he was renting out an old carriage house! In a little bit of a culture shock to us, he simply gave us the keys and address and invited us to check it out. Unfortunately it was too small to fit our books and Theresa's piano, but it is the source of our first photo for this blog!

The next day was filled with the meeting I had come down for, and touring the apartments we had spotted. We got lucky on our last visit of the day and are planning on renting a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment near Kansas Ave (Liberal's equivalent of Main St). We also visited the public library, which was in a very nice building:

The final goal of this trip was to complete some of the employment/HR requirements for my new job. As a City of Liberal employee, this included a drug-test. The address I had been given directed us to a random point in the middle of the street. We searched and searched, tried combinations of the address, then finally went to City Hall to ask someone. In another "small town" moment, a department head stopped what they were doing to walk us through how to get to the place—which was hidden in an odd location behind the old mall. In fact, the location was actually a trucking company that doubled as a "services" company doing drug tests for lots of different employers. It was a very unique experience.