Team Givan drove to Kansas City to view The Great American Eclipse (2017) and have a mini vacation. We revisited the National World War I museum, an incredible collection of artifacts from the lost generation, where we preceded to take one, single, picture (it was crowded and we were busy reading displays).

Translation: "The Hour Discovered [lit. Probably revealed or arrived in spirit]. The Machine to Finish the War"

Our original plan had been to drive north to St. Joseph, Missouri so we could take in the eclipse and one of Theresa's favorite museums: Glore Psychiatric Museum. The weather thwarted that plan so we drove east and viewed the eclipse with friends in Jefferson City, Missouri. Besides a beautiful setting it allowed us to try out practical STEM/STEAM projects for viewing the sun and over optics in general while staying on a hill overlooking a large rock described in Lewis and Clark's journals as they traveled down the Missouri river.

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